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What Does Your Interview Outfit Say?
What Does Your Interview Outfit Say?

You’re probably familiar with the online profiles that define your personality type based on pizza toppings or tell you what your best lip shade is from your favorite type of music. But what about discovering what your clothing choices say - specifically to a potential employer?

The clothes we wear send a powerful message about who we are and how we view ourselves. There are also some nuances as to how our peers (and potential employers!) might interpret the message your clothing sends. When trying to make a fantastic first impression, your attire is one of the first messages received, and depending on your outfit choice, potentially the loudest message you send.

When making situation-specific fashion choices, consider your audience, and their expectations and potential interpretations. If you’re heading into a job interview, your interviewer likely expects to see business-appropriate attire, and will jump to a negative conclusion before you ever shake hands if you show up wearing a short skirt and jean jacket. Or if you’re walking into your first day at your new job where the dress code is ‘business casual,’ you don’t want to show up wearing a crop top and tennis shoes. Both of those outfit choices are relaying messages you don’t want to be sending in those situations.

Our style experts are sharing their most fashion-forward advice about what your interview outfit might be saying before you even say hello. Keep reading to find out:

Consider Your Colors

It may not seem like a determining factor when choosing an outfit, but consider the psychology of color and how it will impact the message you’re trying to sendr. Red is a bold color that signals energy and power, but is also proven to be viewed as aggressive and should therefore be worn conservatively in an interview setting - it may be a great choice for your first day in your new role though! Navy, grey, and black are classic staples in business fashion, but can also be viewed as cold and distant if not paired with a softer shade or fun (but not outrageous) accessory.

Select Your Shoes Carefully
Shoes may seem like the least important piece of your outfit to consider, but they can easily step your outfit in the right (or wrong) direction. You can never go wrong choosing a conservative, neutral shoe with a low heel that says you’re mature, professional, and ready to get down to business. You could also pair a bright peep toe pump with a classy pair of slacks and a neutral button down to make your personality pop a little more. Carefully consider your shoe choice - it should be an appropriate accessory, comfortable to walk in, and easy to wear. A spiky stiletto, or shoes that pinch your toes and cause you to trip shout that you don’t make practical choices and care more about your appearance than doing the job and are better left sitting at home.

Cover that Cleavage

Our fashion experts always recommend modesty as the best policy. Everything God gave women was created “very good” (Genesis 1:31) but that doesn’t mean we need to show it all off - especially at a job interview where the focus should be on your skills and personality. Choose tops with conservative necklines, and consider pairing your shirt with a fashionable sweater or blazer to add an extra pop of personality.

The message you send with your outfit is a powerful one, and is a key part of the first impression you give a potential employer, so you want to ensure the message you’re sending is the right one. Our style experts are here to help if you need it, reach out any time to learn about how we can help your interview outfit say that you’re the person for the job.